Our concept

Both the research information management domain and the platforms and tools the community uses to perform its activity have undergone massive changes in the last few years. As a result, it is now increasingly difficult to cater for all the institutional needs in areas like publication reporting, research data management or management of Open Access available outputs. Making the right choices on the best platforms to run for the multiple purposes will also pose some challenges of its own: Institutional repositories, Current Research Information Systems, some other ones? Which one from the many varieties of each one?

GrandIR Ltd provides consultancy and technical support for organisations in need for guidance on their technological choices for research information management. Founded by a team that brings together a wide expertise in a number of different professional environments, GrandIR makes as much emphasis on technological solutions as in the adequate communication about them to their end-users: researchers and scholars and their institutions.


With these goals in mind, GrandIR work focusses on these main lines:

  • Delivering IT Services for Higher Education Institutions and Research Organisations. Whether it's about setting up and developing an Open Access repository or providing technological and communication services for implementing a specific piece of functionality (such as ORCID), GrandIR is interested in teaming up with organisations in order to contribute its IT expertise to the implementation of the best solutions.

  • Delivering consultancy Services on technical solutions and infrastructure in the research information management domain for institutions, funding organisations and policymakers. Having shared a key role at the UK RepositoryNet+ Project developed at EDINA National Data Centre, the members of GrandIR are especially qualified for providing consultancy on any issues related to Open Access infrastructure and Publishing.

  • Sharing and discussing recent advances in the research information management domain. Through its frequently updated news feed, through its twitter account and especially via the periodically held 'Technical Sessions' on specific topics, GrandIR aims to offer the community a forum for jointly considering what the next steps to take should be to best serve our users.

  • Promoting Open Access-related initiatives, such as repositories and digital libraries, in developing countries in an international cooperation framework through the provision of consultancy, training and technical support services.