Institutional Discussion on Subscription vs APC Expenses

A session for discussing potential models for coupling institutional APCs to subscription expenses was held last Oct 8th at the University of Glasgow by Jisc Collections. The event, hosted by Susan Ashworth, gathered institutional representatives from a number of universities such as Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, Edinburgh, Stirling and Durham to examine the way APC-supported Gold Open Access is taking up and how APC-related expenses can be modelled and tied to subscription-related ones. This was the third session for institutional discussion organised by Jisc Collections after previous ones were recently held in London and Manchester.

ARMA Open Access Good Practice Exchange Workshop

A Good Practice Exchange Workshop was held by ARMA last Tue Oct 8th at the George Hotel in Edinburgh. The workshop was aimed at research managers and administrators wishing to learn more about the management of research outputs and the open access policy requirements, with an emphasis on cross-institutional good practice exchange. The event programme featured high-profile Open Access and Research Information experts like Valerie McCutcheon and William Nixon from Glasgow Uni and Bill Hubbard from University of Nottingham.

V4OA Consultation Paper released

The Jisc-funded Vocabularies for Open Access (V4OA) Project has released a Public Consultation Paper with a set of proposals for metadata enhancement covering key areas like embargoes, licensing, APC management, access identifiers and publication versioning. The proposal is the result of a round of discussions held by a number of stakeholders including repository managers, research funders, publishers and librarians, and aims to improve the workflows for research information management.