euroCRIS membership meeting in Porto

The euroCRIS Autumn 2013 membership meeting will be held Nov 14-15 at the Universidade do Porto Faculty of Law. The event programme will strongly focus on the advances in implementation of CRIS systems and their applications in different countries, highlighting areas such as Research Data Management, the UKRISS project, CRIS/IR interoperability or the Brazilian Lattes project for a normalised CV.

SISOB Project event Duisburg

A dissemination workshop will be held at the University Duisburg-Essen in Duisburg next Nov 6th following the Sixth Project Plennary Meeting. A set of brainstorming and group-discussion activities in small working groups will be organised to discuss the SISOB Project results in developing novel tools for measuring and predicting the social impact of research.

UKRISS end-of-project workshop

The Jisc-funded UKRISS end-of-project workshop will be held next Nov 1st at the British Library in London. The background and project key findings will be discussed during the event, together with its CERIF core profile and a demonstration of UKRISS solutions at institutions.