OpenAIRE Conference in Göttingen

"Enlightenment in the Knowledge Society: From Pilot to Service" is the title under which the OpenAIRE End-of-Project Conference was held on Nov 21-22 in Göttingen. The event programme address the project's achievements and challenges and look ahead to OpenAIRE+ and the H2020 Programme.

First ORCID-specific dissemination session in Spain

On Fri Nov 15th the first ORCID-specific dissemination session in Spain was delivered at the University of Oviedo by Consol Gacía, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). A significant group of University scholars attended the session, in which an ORCID presentation gave way to a lively discussion on potential advantages of the new author ID standard.

ORCID reaches 17,000 registrations

On Wed Nov 14th Laurel Haak, ORCID CEO, announced at the CrossRef annual member meeting held at The Royal Society in London that the number of authors registered with ORCID was already over 17,000 when it was not yet a month since the initiative was officially launched in Berlin.