GrandIR sponsors the 3rd CONFOA in Lisbon

GrandIR will be officially sponsoring the 3rd Portuguese-Brazilian Open Access Conference (CONFOA) to be held at Universidade Nova in Lisbon on Oct 1-2. This third CONFOA edition returns to Portugal after being held in Rio last year, and its programme covers all areas related to Open Access and repositories.

Open Access dissemination at Kenyatta University Nairobi

On the last week of August GrandIR took part in a workshop on Open Access and the KU Institutional Repository Project at Kenyatta University in Nairobi. Sessions for the KU Library and ICT Staff, the University Management Board and KU researchers were held at the workshop, which featured additional EIFL OA representatives (see summary at GrandIR blog).

Last-minute venue change for the ORCID session in Barcelona

Due to logistical issues, there has been a last-minute change in the venue where the GrandIR session on Author ID and ORCID will be held in Barcelona next Thu Sep 6th. The final venue will be the Josep Laporte Room at UOC Campus Tibidabo (see map). Apologies for the invonveniencies.